Bringing Networking Into the Cloud Native Era Financially And Technically

Snaproute is removing the financial and technical barriers that have inhibited the adoption of whitebox / disaggregated networking. Built on a containerized, microservices architecture with embedded Kubernetes, Snaproute’s Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS) breaks the architectural status quo and saves companies up to 50% vs. legacy vendor systems.

Leave Legacy Restrictions Behind

For decades, the economics of networking along with the legacy architectural approaches has resulted in networking failing to keep pace with the innovation and price declines seen with software, compute and storage. We’ve seen high costs accompany monolithic, rigid network operating systems (NOS) and silo-ed, inefficient data center operational models. The complexity of these legacy network operating systems creates brittle network environments and restricts collaboration between the teams that develop applications (DevOps) and the teams that operate networks (NetOps); increasing application time to service, security vulnerabilities, and policy violations.

What We Deliver

SnapRoute’s Cloud-Native Network Operating system’s (CN-NOS) delivers the long promised benefits of disaggregated networking; empowering companies to innovate independent of vendors, driving down price points, and enabling differentiating business capabilities:

Accelerate Application Time to Service
Enhance Security & Compliance
Simplify Operations

What’s in it for you

Accelerate application deployment by 10x

Eliminate network maintenance windows and patch vulnerabilities

Reduce security exposures and improve time to fix by 99 percent

Ensure network compliance at all times

Reduce administrator to platform ratio by 5x

What’s New

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