Purpose Built For The Edge

  • Containerized, microservices architecture
  • Embedded Kubernetes to enable deployment and management of individual network elements or entire fabric; in addition to traditional means (e.g. CLI)
  • Distributed control and data planes with standard protocols. No reliance on centralized controller.
  • Economics that enable cost effective deployment to hundreds or thousands of locations.

Legacy Approach Won’t Work

Built on classic, centralized data center design principles (e.g. virtual machines, hardware redundancy) and rigid code base, legacy network operating systems are unable to address the agility, efficiency and cost requirements of edge computing environments.

With tens, hundreds or even thousands of points of presence, physical space constraints, and remote, unmanned locations, leveraging monolithic network operating system offerings results in expensive, high touch operational models and overbuilt infrastructure.

Snaproute Operational Benefits

Accelerate application deployment by 10x

Eliminate network maintenance windows and patch vulnerabilities

Reduce security exposures and improve time to fix by 99 percent

Ensure network compliance at all times

Reduce administrator to platform ratio by 5x

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