SnapRoute’s Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS) creates enhanced network agility, integrates networking natively into DevOps environments, and enables operational effectiveness at a price that saves companies up to 50% versus legacy vendor systems.

Why SnapRoute?

SnapRoute’s cloud-native innovations resolve the inherent inflexibility of legacy monolithic network operating systems, enabling operational teams to align with and respond more quickly to business demands. With industry breaking economics, SnapRoute’s CN-NOS leverages a containerized, microservices architecture and embedded Kubernetes to transform the network from static and brittle to dynamic and agile, delivering differentiating operational capabilities:

Accelerated Application Time to Service
  • Add & upgrade features and fixes in real-time without downtime requirements, eliminating the need for scheduled maintenance windows
  • Leverage native DevOps toolchains to automate and control network attributes that support the rapid roll out of applications
Enhanced Security & Compliance
  • Remove, not just disable, unused services to reduce security exposure and the threat surface of the network operating system
  • Assure compliance at any time with the ability to surgically replace only vulnerable services in real-time
Simplified Operations
  • Maintain policy control and NetOps ownership while limiting menial tasks traditionally needed to support application roll outs

SnapRoute Innovation

Containerized Microservices Architecture

Immutable infrastructure, hitless updates, and reduced security vulnerabilities

Optimized, Embedded Kubernetes

Native support eliminates the need for bolt-ons and plug-ins

Real-time Telemetry

More data in a timely manner leads to better insight into true network health and performance

Object Specific Monitoring

Leverages Kubernetes “watch” mechanism to reduce “time to innocence”

Innovative Cloud Native CLI

Provides industry standard network-focused CLI to bridge the gap between NetOps and DevOps

Helpful Resources

SnapRoute Solution Brief

This solution brief provides an overview of the current networking industry financial and technical challenges and how Snaproute’s Cloud Native Network Operating System is breaking the architectural and economic status quo.

SnapRoute Technical Whitepaper

This whitepaper provides a detailed overview of the architecture of SnapRoute’s Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS) and also discusses the technology building blocks and key design elements required to bring networking natively into the Cloud Native era.

SnapRoute Business Whitepaper

This whitepaper discusses the various aspects of the problem, and our thoughts on why a new, disruptive Cloud Native approach to networking is required.

CN-NOS Data Sheet

This data sheet will tell you all about CN-NOS and its features.

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