In today’s network environments the ability to upgrade Network Operating Systems is limited by the inability to manage individual network services. This results in stale, long-lived versions running in environments for years longer than they were intended. If an issue that requires an upgrade is hit or a vulnerability in the system is found, a long complicated process of testing and MOP creation follows, with final verification taking months from initiation deployment to completion.

This POC will demonstrate the power of the containerized microservices architecture of Snaproute’s Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS) which enables CI/CD updates of individual network services on the system. The CI/CD upgrade will be performed by the Kubernetes framework that is native to CN-NOS and utilizes Harbor to store new containers to be updated. The new service will progress through a CI/CD pipeline to test, deploy, and verify the new service. This process will be done in an automated manner from start to completion, to ensure the expected result of the change is met. Finally, the system will verify the state of the network to ensure the update was successful.