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The long-promised opportunity of disaggregated networking to drive down network price points and empower companies with more control to innovate independent of network vendors has failed to materialize. For decades, the economics of networking along with the legacy architectural approaches has resulted in networking failing to keep pace with the innovation and price declines seen with software, compute and storage. Snaproute is removing the financial and technical barriers that have plagued networking for decades with the industry’s first cloud native network operating system (CN-NOS) that will save companies up to 50% vs. legacy vendor systems; enabling companies to accelerate application time to service, enhance security and compliance, and simplify operations.

In this Solution Brief you’ll learn about:

  • Breaking the industry financial and technical paradigms
  • Business Dynamics and Impact on Application Development and Deployment
  • Bringing Networking Into The Cloud Native Era
  • SnapRoute’s Operational Capabilities and Business Impact