Distributed Cloud

Public Cloud has won. No one deploys applications without leveraging Azure, AWS or GCP in some manner. Public cloud has proven that consistency, availability and abstraction lead to better business growth, technical outcomes and better customer experiences.

It’s a Scary World Out There

We live in a scary world. Security attacks are becoming more complex and cross multiple technologies. Attackers are becoming smarter, more tech-savvy, and increasingly state-sponsored. Business critical applications and infrastructure […]

Happy Patch Tuesday! Securing CN-NOS

Trust is something that takes time to build and even longer to rebuild if it’s lost.  Protection of our brands, both personal and corporate, is paramount to every operator and […]

Your Network Is Out of Date

Why your network operating system needs a new architecture Today we are launching the industry’s first Cloud Native Network Operating System. CN-NOS is built from the ground up on a […]

Networking and DevOps

Earlier this week, Andrew Lerner, a renowned analyst for data center networking and a VP at Gartner Research wrote about the divide between networking and DevOps with strategies for integration in his blog post Networking and DevOps…

SnapRoute Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

SnapRoute has been a member of the Linux Foundation for nearly 2 years – starting with our participation in the OpenSwitch project.  With the reboot of OpenSwitch in October 2016, […]

SnapRoute Joins Linux Foundation Networking

SnapRoute is pleased to announce that we have joined Linux Foundation Networking, an open source networking initiative launched by The Linux Foundation. Since it’s formation in January, LFN has increased […]

Built by Operators, for Operators

SnapRoute isn’t just another product company from the Gartner Cool Vendor 2017 list – we are a company built by operators, for operators.  Our founders built and ran some of […]

Monoliths Are Dead

Traditional NOS Architectures = Monoliths Network Operating Systems have been designed for years as tightly coupled single binary images. At worst this is a single process monolithic code base, at […]

Networking for Cloud Native

As organizations evolve to meet the challenges of ever increasing demands on infrastructure, it is critical that the network no longer get in the way.  Now is the right time […]

Meet Our New CEO

Today I am proud to be joining SnapRoute as CEO.  I have spent the past 8 years at HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise where most recently I was VP & […]