Open Source Protocol Stack

Developer Friendly and Operations Focused Network Protocol Stack that runs on all commoditized network hardware with any open linux operating system.

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Amazing Features


Open Source

Layer 2 & 3 protocol suite, written in Go from scratch and open sourced to the world.


Only the features you need, none of the ones you don’t. Flexibility and control are integrated into all protocol features – eliminating the need for complex, proprietary features.


With direct control of the hardware and state machines – more configs are tweakable than ever before. Every timer or configuration element has a REST API exposed to allow for full customization of the network stack.

Highly Automated

All aspects of the configuration are manageable utilizing industry-standard and customized automation and orchestration engines.

Developer Driven

Developers can now provision, change, and evolve the network without intervention from network operations groups.

Operations Focused

Developed by a group of experienced network operators, the open source stack offers features the operator needs to keep the networking running at it’s finest.


Deploy only the code that you need. Only need to run BGP, only deploy BGP. The code base can also run on any Linux based OS on numerous open hardware platforms.

Start with what you know, end with what you need